Brakes, Suspension, Exhausts and more

We love getting our hands dirty at A. Podlesak Car Repairs Garage in Telford. Our small team of mechanics have a wide range of experience when it comes to keeping your vehicle on the road. Often these under-body malfunctions can affect the performance, handling and even legality of your vehicle. We can easily fix these problems to get you safely back on the road, at a price that is reasonable as well!

We are confident we can resolve all your brakes, suspension, exhausts problems as well as anything else on the underside of your vehicle in a very efficient manner. We can renew, replace or even in some cases repair the faults that happen to your vehicle in the course of its life.

When we service your brakes please be assured:

We will clean off all the brake dust and road dirt.
We will also take notes of any wear on linings and to discs/drums.
We will check your hand brake mechanism
Lubricate moving parts including hand brake pivots adjusters etc.
Check for leaks on cylinders and callipers.

And if that wasn’t enough we will also give you a fare assessment of what we find upon striping your brakes.

As an added bonus all replaced parts will be available for your inspection or to take away if you wish to do so.

Everyone knows that brakes are an essential component of every vehicle. Most drivers use the braking system countless times on every journey. Making it even more important that you realise your brakes should never be taken for granted.

The modern day braking systems rarely fails totally, although serious neglect or accidental damage can bring about this potentially disastrous occurrence.

Much more common though is the gradual decline of braking performance as components wear slowly and/or fluid leaks and degrades until the overall braking capability is dangerously below manufacturer specification.

The real danger is that because of the decline in performance happens over a significant period of time; the driver reacts by making subconscious compensation for the gradual deterioration. Drivers are not always fully aware of how dangerous the braking system has and can become.

Therefore the importance of having your car’s brakes checked and tested by a qualified technician cannot be over-emphasised.

How will I know if my brakes need attention?
Understanding how your brakes work is worthwhile and can help you spot some of the early danger signs.

But if in any doubt, ALWAYS bring your car to us at A.Poslesak Car Repairs Garage in Telford.

We can give your brakes either a free visual check – or from just £25 +vat we can carry out a full brake condition check.

We offer many other services and some of the vehicle repairs we can do include;

Brakes (calipers, discs, pads and more)
Suspension repairs
All types of tyres
Four Wheel alignment
Other under-body repairs as needed
Tow bars Fitted

So please use our contact page and choose one of your preferred methods to ask any questions, queries or to enquire about full details.

We Are Here To Help With Your Transportation All Repair Needs