Engine Diagnostic

As cars have got more complex over the years, the need for computers under the bonnet have become a necessity. When a part of these systems malfunction, a warning light often lights up on your dashboard, indicating there is a fault with your vehicle.

If you have warning lights that have appeared on your dashboard or you can feel something on your car that is not quite right please remember at A.Podlesak Car Repairs we are ALWAYS happy to help.

When we meet you we can plug your vehicle into our specialist computer equipment and diagnose what the problem is that you may be experiencing. This enables us to fix the malfunction accurately and eliminates the old fashioned practices of ruling out the problems one by one. We have some of the best diagnostic equipment that enables us to find out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and gently nurse it back to good health.

Using our specialist computer equipment we can also fix your vehicle in a more timely manner and get it back to you much more quickly as this service often allows us to replace many parts along the way. You as a valued customer will also reap the benefit of reduced costs on this basis as well.

At A. Podlesak Car Repairs we use the latest diagnostic equipment and have the ‘know- how’ when it comes to engine diagnostics which leaves us fully confident you will be 100% happy with the service you receive from Adrian Podlesak car repairs.

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