Servicing, MOT and engine bay repairs

At A.Podlesak Car Repair Garage in Telford we not only cover services but also offer a wide range of repair and maintenance work. We offer repairs on a range of different vehicles.

Some of the services we offer include:
  • Change engine oil and filter. (Flush if requested to)
  • Change Air Filter
  • Change Fuel Filter. (If fitted, and due change)
  • Change Pollen Filter
  • Change Spark plugs
  • Check and adjust Valve clearance, (except hydraulic adjusters)
  • Check Ignition system coils leads wiring. (points, cap, rotor arm if applicable)
  • Check Fuel system for leaks, hoses, injectors
  • Check and adjust Drive belts
  • Check Cooling system
  • Check for antifreeze strength and hoses for leaks and we top up coolant if required
  • Check condition of Battery, top up if applicable, clean and grease terminals
  • Check Carburettor/s
  • Check security, top up damper if applicable. (On older cars)  Adjust CO% as needed
  • Check Power steering, check for leaks, top up if required
  • Check brake and clutch fluid top up as required
  • Check automatic transmission, if fitted, check oil level, top up if required
  • Check screen washers, top up reservoir
  • Check bonnet release catch and hinges, check operation and lubricate


And if that wasn’t enough we also:

  • Remove road wheels
  • Check front disc condition and pad wear
  • Remove drums if applicable
  • Check lining condition and examine cylinders for leaks and free movement of pistons
  • Check handbrake travel, adjust as required
  • Check brake pipes and hoses
  • Check for leaks and corrosion
  • Check exhaust system, checking for security, leaks and corrosion
  • Check ball joints and transmission, check for wear & split gaiters/boots
  • Check shock absorbers; checking condition and operation
  • Check steering gear, checking for wear & gaiters for leaks
  • Check CV joints front and rear (as applicable) checking for wear and gaiters for splits
  • Check Clutch, adjusting if required (when applicable)
  • Check Gearbox, front and rear axles, transfer box (each as applicable)
  • Check oil level, top up if required
  • Check tyres, report condition, correct inflation when required, including your spare
  • Check Interior lights and instrument lights and the hazard light switch
  • CheckWindscreen and headlamp
  • Check washers and wipers
  • CheckDoor hinges and locks lubricate when necessary
  • Check boot lid/tailgate hinges and lubricate
  • Check heating and ventilation controls
  • Check operation of all Lights including headlamps
  • Check alignment
  • Refit road wheels, tighten retaining nut to the correct torque
We will Report to you anything that may require your attention and our full professional service Includes a brief Summary of what is included.

Whatever problem or trouble you may be experiencing with your car we are extremely confident we will have a solution for you.

So please call us now to speak to one of our experts on 01952 616 565 or use one of our other contact methods which can be found on the A.Podlesak Garage contact us page.

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